Michael Sterling

14 Simple Truths About Success


Truth is:


  1. Life has already begun. This is not a test. You can’t push pause on life. Your every decision matters.
  2. Studying does not end after college. Knowledge is crucial. If you are not willing to be left behind, keep studying.
  3. Weaknesses don’t matter. Accept weaknesses. Everyone has them. The only things that matter are your strengths. Improve them.
  4. Everything worth doing takes time. Do not expect to reach your goals quickly. It will likely take longer than you imagine.
  5. All the opportunities for growth are beyond your comfort zone. Comfort is often the same as complacency. Find your discomfort zone. Enter it.
  6. Luck comes to those who work hard. Good things do not come to those who wait. Persistence and hard work are the only prerequisites for luck.
  7. You cannot be everywhere and have everything. Define your goals. Learn to make the right choices and commit to the things that matter most.
  8. Experience and emotions are your best investments. The traditional measures of success — fancy cars and houses — are no longer relevant. Emotions, memories, experience, knowledge. These are the things that matter.
  9. Later often means never. Do not postpone anything. Life doesn’t wait.
  10. Success equals perseverance. Do not give up. Stay dedicated to your dreams. Chasing them is difficult, but it’s worth the effort.
  11. Failures don’t matter. Only wins count. So, don’t be afraid to fail.
  12. The world is full of injustice. Life isn’t fair. You’ll encounter plenty of unjust things. Be adaptable.
  13. You’re in charge of your life. Nobody will help you. Be your own advocate. You are the sole driver of your career and your success.
  14. There is no perfect moment to start. If you want to start doing something, act now. Do not wait for a better moment. It will never come.


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