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Our Approach:​


Stephen Covey said it best, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”

Market Intelligence

As a client, our local market knowledge base is at your disposal.  Our clients benefit greatly from our local knowledge of market opportunities, history and current trends.


In talent acquisition, some are gatherers, and some are hunters.

Gatherers often pick up whatever has dropped to the ground – often blemished by frequent job moves or seriously lacking in core competencies or values.

Hunters make conscientious preparation, seek out the wisdom and guidance of their group, and often travel great distances to achieve
their goal.

SterlingFreeman is a hunter – conscientiously preparing, collaborating, and drawing upon team wisdom and experience, leveraging professional networks and relationships, recruiting directly at the source, and systematically generating candidates from deep within the market.

Preparation facilitates quality and speed.  Our in-depth profiling is unique.  We work closely with you to gather the inside perspective on your organization, objectives, culture, values, and critical performance measures.  This 360-degree perspective helps us identify candidates with the essential experience, technical skills, behavioral competencies, and professional values necessary to excel in your organization.

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