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3 Time-Savers You Should Do More of Starting Today


We’re a little more than a week into the new year. Last year flew by. This year will too. Short of making time stand still, I’m working to squeeze more time from each day, month and year. What about you? Are there 3 time-savers you should do more of starting today?


I’ve identified three things that I will do more of in order to squeak extra time out of each 24 hours. I challenge you to also find 3 time-savers to do more of starting today.


My ‘More List’


  1. Add More Structure. Interruptions happen. It’s life. However, I’m now grouping interruptions. Phone calls, appointments and office administration issues are scheduled for a specific time each day. Thanks to an on-line scheduler, (I use vCita) I now offer specific times that I am available for phone calls. This allows someone to set a time to contact me when convenient for them and me. No more phone tag!
  2. Block More Distractions. I’m really going to be merciless on this. I will focus on focusing. How? Simple things really. I’ve programmed my office thermostat to keep my space comfortably heated/cooled without me having to adjust it throughout the day. Annoying electronic notifications have been silenced. And I’m staying true to monotasking rather than multitasking.
  3. Embrace More Technology. Just like the on-line appointment scheduler, I am utilizing more time-saving technology and apps for everything from banking to file maintenance.


3 Time-Savers You Should Do More of Starting Today


It’s your turn. How will you get more from Father Time? We all have the same number of minutes in a day. What will you do differently with those minutes? Equally important, what will you do with the time you save?


Let me know.  I’m always interested in great time management ideas.


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