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7 Ways to Banish the ‘Sunday Blues’


The ‘Sunday Blues’. More than 60% of working adults around the globe report having Sunday evening anxiety – the dread of facing another chaotic workweek. In our digitally demanding world, there’s a growing sense of feeling out-of-control. Sunday nights are often the worst. To combat the chaos and ease the dread, try these 7 ways to banish the ‘Sunday Blues’.


  1. Adjust Focus.  Accentuate what’s good about the week ahead. Make a mental list of the positives rather than the negatives. For instance, concentrate on a project that is nearly complete; a lunch with a colleague; or a planned family event.
  2. Redefine Monday. Rather than demonizing the day, consider Monday a fresh start. If you learn to love Mondays then Sundays will be far less stressful.
  3. Deal with It. Ignoring the week ahead won’t change things. Take some time on Sunday to prepare for that big meeting, the client presentation or that lengthy project report. A little advance preparation will improve your control of those items on calendar.
  4. Go with the Flow. The week ahead will throw curve balls. Don’t let a sulking server at the coffee house or a cranky co-worker affect your mood and productivity. You can’t control their feelings or actions. However, you can control your outlook on the day.
  5. Give Yourself a Screen Time-Out. Check out of social media at least a couple of hours before bed on Sunday – and every night! Use unplugged time to give your brain a chance to process what’s important and calm mental chaos.
  6. Be Ready to Roll. Have your clothes ready, breakfast planned (or made the night before) and, if necessary, the kids’ lunches packed. Get any and all tasks that can be done ahead of time ready to roll. Then, go to bed with a sense of control and accomplishment.
  7. You Do You. Find ways to make the week ahead move you closer to your professional and personal goals. Giving purpose to our tasks – even the ones we don’t like – keeps us in control and can banish the ‘Sunday Blues’.


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