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Describe Yourself (9 Great Answers for Accountants)

Describe yourself in a few words. Can you? Most likely, a number of adjectives come to mind. Perhaps you’re a dog-loving, travel enthusiast and die-hard Packers fan. Great! Nice description. Except if you’re in a job interview.


If you consider winning the blue ribbon in the city-wide chili cook-off each year an integral part of who you are – unless you’re applying to be head chef at a restaurant – it’s just not relevant in a job interview.


When faced with how to describe yourself to a potential employer – streamline your answer to the position for which you’re interviewing. Consider the position and the work you’ll be doing. Then, focus the description of your qualities on characteristics most valuable to the job.


I work exclusively with Public Accountants. So, I’ve crafted some recommended answers with accounting in mind.


9 Great Answers to “How Would You Describe Yourself” (The Accountant’s Guide)


I am someone who:


  1. Is a strategic thinker. I’m analytic in my approach and strive to carefully peel back the layers of a project to insure all aspects are reviewed.
  2. Has an eye for details. I am thorough and do my research to accurately complete each project.
  3. Is highly efficient and reliable. I have a proven track record of completing engagements on deadline and on budget.
  4. Strives to continually learn and grow. Tax codes and technology continually change, and I consistently educate myself to stay current.
  5. Works well on a team, but has the confidence to make necessary independent decisions in order to move a project forward.
  6. Thrives in a collaborative environment. I value the input of others and the opportunity to view a client project through the eyes of experienced colleagues.
  7. Sees the ‘Big Picture’. I enjoy being a true advisor to my clients and being a part of their success.
  8. Builds strong relationships. I develop excellent working relationships, internally and externally, through consistent communication and being a good listener.
  9. Is driven. I am motivated to do my best in all aspects of my work and to acquire added responsibility within the firm for upward advancement.


Using a targeted description will position you as strategic thinker. However you choose to describe yourself, be prepared to offer examples. An interviewer may ask you to expand on your answer.


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