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Does Your Luck Suck?


How much of your success is based on luck? It’s really a matter of perspective. Does your luck suck? If you believe in bad luck, you’ll have a greater chance of finding it. I tend to agree with Abraham Lincoln who said, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.”


If you believe in luck, most likely that’s because you create it. You’ve decoded the notion of luck. You seek the right opportunities, embrace hard work and learning, and proactively embrace possibilities. Rather than leaving life to chance, you take chances that lead you to success.


How do you create good fortune? The process begins with acknowledging that you are solely responsible for your own success.


Lucky is as Lucky Does: 7 Strategies for Good Fortune


Manage Your Mindset. Open your mind to look for the positive. If you believe a dark cloud follows you – it will. You lock yourself away from finding the unexpected. Achievements don’t simply find us. We find opportunities and turn them into accomplishments.


No Guts, No Glory. Listen to your gut. Let your inner-voice help guide you. When you know something is right – act on it. Happy accidents are rarely accidents at all, but actually actions which stem from doing what’s right for you.


See Your Success. Picture yourself achieving your goals. Psychologists recommend envisioning a positive end result. Just like athletes visualize winning the game, paint a picture of you slam-dunking your goal. If you’re hunting for a new job – see yourself in the role. If you’re aiming to add new business – see yourself closing the deal. Seeing is believing and believing is half the battle.


Change Things Up. If you do the same thing day after day – you get the same results. Shake things up. Add variety and diversity. Take a class. Join a club. Expand your network. You never know how introducing a new element may impact your life.


Make Lemonade. Become resilient. Life throws curve-balls. Accept that things can go wrong and focus on how to turn those moments into wins. Sometimes the best fortune rides on the back of bad luck.


Align Your Goals with Your Strengths. If you feel failure follows you, your goals may be off-base. For instance, if you aspire to be a physician but hate studying chemistry, your goal isn’t based on a solid foundation. Working with your strengths rather than against them is key to building success.


To Infinity and Beyond. Crossing a bridge takes you to the other side, but doesn’t mean the journey is over. Continuing good fortune requires forging forward – setting new goals and reaching new heights. Luck isn’t sedentary. We must keep good karma in motion.


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