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Are you a Click-Addict? Don’t Hit ‘Send’ Because You Can.


On-line job applications are a blessing and a curse. Who doesn’t love the immediacy and ease of sending a resume with the click of a button?  However, use a strategic plan – and some common sense in your search. Don’t hit ‘send’ because you can. Think before you click.


I happened upon a great article in the New York Times by Daniel Salmieri, “How Not to Get a Job,” which hit home. In fact, I share the author’s dismay and pain. The article outlines Salmieri’s frustration at wading through resumes from candidates from all walks of life – just none with the qualifications for the available position. It’s good to know (and oddly comforting) that we, at SterlingFreeman, aren’t alone in this plight.


Click-Addiction Epidemic


I’m looking for experienced public accountants. As a career coach and recruiter exclusive to Public Accounting, it’s what I do. I’m lucky to work with talented, top-notch public accountants and match them to premier public accounting opportunities nationwide.


Yet, I’m amazed by the resumes I receive daily – from hair stylists, dental hygienists, lifeguards even an “onion packer” and coal miner. All talented individuals. However, I’ve never quite understood the thought process behind sending a resume for a career position without the right education or experience.


I call it “click addiction.” We’ve become so tied to our electronics that we are obsessed by the need to click. No matter that we don’t need a new pair of shoes – click – we order them. Another cat video or funny meme – click – we watch. So, I guess it’s really no surprise we do the same with resumes. We click. We send.


To anyone applying for a position you are clearly not qualified for – don’t. It’s one thing to stretch beyond your experience base within your own field and apply for a position which is slightly outside your skill set. I know employers who, for the right candidate, will train and grow someone who shows promise. However, to randomly apply for every job possible is a futile effort.


Interested in a new career? Do your research. Google and learn about the field and the job positions within that field. Identify what education and experience is needed and honestly assess if your background is a match. Still interested, but don’t have the right qualifications? Go get them. Play to your strengths, not your weaknesses.


There are no career shortcuts. Sending a resume for a job you aren’t suited for will not magically get you hired. Focus your time and your efforts. You’ll find a new position far faster.


Enlist a Recruiter


Partnering with a recruiter will simplify your job search and keep you from blindly sending your resume for positions which aren’t a match. A strong recruiter will have a deep network and will know of positions that aren’t advertised. A recruiter will submit your resume, schedule interviews, follow up and assist with negotiations – all at no cost to the candidate!


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