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Fear Change? Here’s The Main Reason Why


How many of you embrace change? Do you roll with the punches or cling to a routine? If you fear change, here’s the main reason why – a lack of confidence. Psychologists report that confidence is the number one personality trait of individuals who adeptly deal with change.


Confident people, with high self-esteem, embrace taking risks. Change is welcomed. It’s an adventure.


Careers are chock-full of risk. Success requires skill and will! Strong-willed, highly confident people readily face the challenges of change. They have a “bring it” attitude.


If you’re among the many who struggle with stepping out of your comfort zone, you may want to assess your level of confidence. There are proven tell-tale signs of low confidence.


Signs You Lack Self Confidence


Do you make excuses for your actions? A lack of confidence leads people to offer explanations for just about everything. It’s the blame game. The error was because of a computer glitch or a co-worker failed to do their part.  Whatever the issue – there’s a need to explain rather than own the situation. This doesn’t mean you fall on your sword for every mishap,  but accountability and responsibility are cornerstones of confidence.


Are you on the defensive? If you consistently fight back or argue with someone who is offering a suggestion for improvement, there’s a problem. Confident people are eager to learn. They listen to comments and determine whether it’s negative or constructive criticism and react appropriately. Constructive criticism is embraced and acted upon. Negative criticism is not taken personally, but dealt with in a professional manner.


Are you inflexible? Individuals who struggle with self-confidence are the most likely to dig in their heels. They embody a “my way or the highway” attitude. When things are done their way, it keeps them within their comfort zone and provides a sense of power – which is often mistaken as confidence.


Finally, what does your body language say? Confident people make eye contact, offer a firm handshake, stand up straight, place hands on their hips or strike a similar power pose. Professionals with confidence show it. Timid individuals cross their arms in front of them, slouch, avoid eye contact and sit at the back of a meeting or hang on the outskirts of a gathering.


In the workplace, and certainly on a job search, confidence is critical. As a recruiter who works exclusively with Public Accountants, I coach job seekers on ways to make a positive impression. In my next blog, I’ll highlight simple ways to boost confidence.


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