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11 Funny Accountant Valentine’s Pick-Up Lines

Some Favorite Valentine Humor. Happy Valentine’s Day!


11 Funny Accountant Valentine’s Pick-Up Lines 


  1. Might I say, you have a lovely pair of W-2s.
  2. Let’s fill out a 10-40. You’re a 10 and I’m a 40.
  3. I’m an Accountant – I can do it without losing my balance.
  4. Your hot assets are making me want to form a partnership.
  5. Wanna do it between the spreadsheets?
  6. I’ll let you audit my assets if you let me audit yours. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see what’s in my books.
  7. You can call me bond…. municipal bond.
  8. You wanna balance my sheet?
  9. Are you from accounting? Because I was ac-counting on seeing you later.
  10. In my office, ‘I.R.S.’ stands for ‘I’m really sexy.
  11. Money is green. Spreadsheets are blue. If you’re looking for a hot accountant, I’m right in front of you!


Have your own funny accountant Valentine’s pick-up lines? Let me know.


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