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How to Batch Your Way to Better Organization


Have you heard of Batching?  It rhythms with matching – and that’s basically the beauty of Batching!


I just recently embraced Batching on a daily basis.  Oh sure, in essence, I’ve been working to batch daily tasks for years.  Now, I do it deliberately.


Let me explain.  Batching is grouping like items together on your To-Do List.  Linking items together allows you to tackle similar To-Dos at once; streamlining your thinking and actions.


I’ve been doing this mentally for most of my career. However, I often found my mental focus would get hijacked.  Getting distracted would de-rail my mental matching of tasks and I would spend valuable time working to re-focus and find where I left off.


With Batching, I may spend a few more minutes each morning grouping like-items together, but if (when) I get pulled off-task I can easily find my place again on my list.


Here’s How to Batch Your Way to Better Organization


  • Create a multi-column spreadsheet.
  • Title each column as appropriate i.e.: Email; Call Backs; Staff Items, etc.
  • List To-Dos under each title.
  • Prioritize the columns each morning.
  • Check To-Dos off as completed.


Of course, you can develop your own method of Batching.  Originally, I began batching by color-coding like-items.  While that method worked, I made the decision to migrate to my spreadsheet method simply because it was easier and faster – for me.


Working my way down one column of To-Dos keeps me in the groove of compatible tasks and projects.  I’m not switching gears as often; my productivity has increased and my stress level has decreased.


Give it a try! Let me know what you think.


As a career coach and public accounting recruiter, I work with professionals on improving soft skills – like organization.  I recently outlined the soft skills most necessary for CPA success in my article “Six Soft Skills Every Public Accountant Needs.”


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