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Our Team’s Top Tune-Ins: TED Talks and More


Truth is: I’m a bit of an internet junkie. I enjoy relaxing at the end of the day by submerging myself into YouTube. I find lots of great material there from old Seinfeld favorites to silly memes and inspirational TEDTalks. Some of the videos I gravitate to most are personal and professional development topics.


I share some of my finds with my team at work and they share with me. It’s a fun, collaborative way to bring new thoughts, ideas and some laughs to the office.


Today, I want to share a few professional development favorites from some of us here at SterlingFreeman.


The Team’s Top ‘Tune Ins’


  1. The Power of Vulnerability, by Brené Brown.

Recommended by:  Michael Sterling, Managing Director. Connect with me on LinkedIn.



  1. Want to Boost Your Creativity and be a Better Collaborator? Think about Why the Sky Is Blue, by Kate Torgovnick May

Recommended by:  Karen Thompson, Director – M&A Services & Partner Placement.

Connect with Karen on LinkedIn.



  1. Should You Live for Your Resume or Your Eulogy? By David Brooks

Bonus Item:  Get Motivated in 60 Seconds (a musical collage of inspirational quotes to re-ignite you in one minute)

Recommended by: Nancy Allison, Development Director & Senior Recruitment Advisor – Western U.S.

Connect with Nancy on LinkedIn



  1. Forget The Pecking Order at Work, by Margaret Heffernan

Recommended by Gary Simpson, Senior Recruitment Advisor – N.E. and Ohio Valley

Connect with Gary on LinkedIn.



  1. The Happy Secret to Better Work, by Shawn Achor

Recommended by Danielle Lyndes, Senior Recruitment Advisor – S.E. & Midwest

Connect with Danielle on LinkedIn.



  1. The Career Advice You Probably Didn’t Get, by Susan Colantuono

Recommended by Amber Guerrero, Researcher

Connect with Amber on LinkedIn.



  1. Why Comfort Will Ruin Your Life, by Bill Eckstrom

Recommended by Morgan Sterling, Researcher

Connect with Morgan on LinkedIn


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