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Push Past Procrastination


We all face ‘those’ days. The days we drag our feet on projects and priorities. It’s called procrastinating and if you suffer from procrastination – you’re not alone.


Research shows that procrastination seriously affects 20% of the population and that 40% of people have had financial loss due to putting things off. Moreover, 1 out of 5 people so seriously procrastinate that they face loss of job, damage to financial credit and even irreparable damage to a personal relationship.


If you’re someone who easily puts things off to tomorrow, here are some tips to push past procrastination.


5 Ways to Push Past Procrastination
  1. Calculate the Impact. What will be the cost of not completing the task? Late fees? Dissatisfied clients? Angry boss and possible loss of job? By identifying the outcome of not doing what needs to be done is a “tough love” approach to getting yourself into gear.
  2. Focus on the Feel Good. Visualize yourself completing the project – whatever it might be. How great will it feel to have it finished and behind you? Imagine not having the weight of that task on your mind.
  3. Set a Reward. Create a reward for each critical item on your to-do list. Perhaps completing a financial report means a dinner out or an extra hour of sleep tomorrow. By self-motivating you are in control of the reward for a job completed on time.
  4. Isolate the Task. Focus only on the task at hand. By keeping your sights set on one goal you will be less likely to be distracted. Close all tabs on your computer but the one(s) needed for the project. Turn off your phone. Close your office door – or if you work in a cubicle, let co-workers know you are not to be disturbed.
  5. Energize Yourself. Get pumped! Jog in place. Meditate. Strike a power pose – like Wonder Woman or Batman. Put on headphones and turn up your play list. Do whatever works for you. Create a mindset that you are invincible and will succeed.


These are things that work for me. What works for you?


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