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Share What You Know with Who You Know (Here’s Why)


Only you know what you know. That knowledge is a result of hard work, experience and even some hard life lessons. Knowledge is often held tightly – out of fear of giving someone else the upper hand. However, it’s important to share what you know with who you know.


Sharing your thoughts and ideas is beneficial. Here’s why:


The Rule of 10


If you share an idea with 10 people, you reap the benefit of hearing it and discussing it 10 times. Furthermore, each of those 10 people are now able to process that idea. They then can expand on it and give you feedback and insight which you may not have considered.


Your brain is full of ideas and information. By spilling some out – sharing it with others – you make room for more knowledge and data.


Sharing what you know, allows others to reciprocate. You give and receive. The result is everyone continues the process of learning and continuous improvement.


Sharing doesn’t have to be confined to colleagues. Sharing a business concept with your spouse, golf buddy, or an old friend allows you to hear the idea and receive feedback from differing perspectives. Each time you verbalize the thought, it provides a chance for the idea to evolve.


Put the Rule of 10 into action and you’ll find sharing what you know with who you know will sharpen your skills and increase your knowledge tenfold.


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