Michael Sterling
How to Co-Lead an Interview: Three Types of Questions You Must Ask!

  Fun Fact: An interview is less about you and more about the questions you ask the interviewer!   WHAT???   Think about it. If your resume has done its job (see: “Your Resume Has ONE Job: Do it Right!“), the interviewer has an excellent snapshot of your experience. The interview is your opportunity to […]

Michael Sterling
TMI Will Sink Your Job Search: 4 Key Resume Don’ts

  TMI: Too Much Information!  The curse of overkill.    Thanks to Facebook and other social media, sharing our lives is the norm. However, there’s sharing and then there’s over-sharing. Never over-share during a job search.   Don’t Get Voted Off the Island   First, let’s talk resumes. There’s a lot written about what to include […]

Michael Sterling
The Job Hunter’s Guide to Communication: Dos & Don’ts

  Phone. Email. Text. Social Media. The menu of communication choices today is vast. Using the wrong communication can and will get you ousted from a job opportunity. How do you choose the right channel for each stage of a job search? Follow simple communication protocol.   The Job Hunter’s Guide to Communication   First […]

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