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The Shocking Truth: Being Lazy Can Get You Hired!


When I say “lazy”, I don’t mean a do-nothing. No firm wants dead-weight, a team member who sits around and accomplishes nothing.


I mean a lazy-learner. In this sense, lazy is actually a compliment. You see, lazy-learners look for the fastest, easiest way to do something.  They’re life-hackers. Lazy-learners simplify, stream-line and don’t waste energy on un-productive tasks. They focus their energy on what needs to get done. They’re highly efficient and productive!


So, lazy-learners are smart learners and smart learners can be more valuable to a firm than someone who is just simply smart.


How to be a Life-Hacker: 


Focus.  Become a master of time-management.  Multi-task as necessary, but really concentrate on and prioritize what must get done to be the most productive.  Work to complete engagements. Don’t do a bit here and there in a piece-meal fashion.


Learn Efficiently.  Being a deliberate learner means taking advantage of your working hours and learn only the most essential information as it is needed. Spend time becoming knowledgeable where it’s important, and at the correct time. This way you put knowledge directly into action.


Filter Information. Sift information for purity. Find the most credible information or resource and use it. Ignore all the other ‘stuff’ that can bog you down and lead your astray. This is where a great mentor comes into play. Someone who is a credible and trusted resource. I believe so strongly in the benefit of a mentor, I’ve created a Mentoring Program just for CPAs.


Seek and Find.  Smart learners look for answers and educate themselves. They find a way to do the job.


Proving to a prospective employer that you’re smart enough to be lazy…could get you hired!


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