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Three APPsolutely Must-Have Apps


Love a great app? I have three new favorites! I recommend you check these out.



For anyone who wants an amazingly easy way to write more concise, clear and….wait for it…error-free, Hemingway will be your best buddy.  Just copy and paste what you’ve written into Hemingway and it will edit for things like readability, grammar, and simpler sentence structure.


You can use Hemingway on your computer as well as on mobile devices. Some great new updates now also allow you to use Hemingway for formatting texts and writing for the web by exporting your formatted copy as HTML.


As a career coach, I readily recommend this app to create impressive cover letters, resumes and day-to-day business communication.



Blinded by the light?  Never again.  The f.lux app adapts your electronic screen’s display to the time of day.


If you work in the evenings, like I often do, you know how bleary-eyed you can become as a result of the glaring light on your screen.  Or maybe, like me, your 2am self has a life-changing idea that requires you to send an email to your 9am self as a reminder. Turning on your mobile in the pitch of night is like looking directly at the sun, right?


With f.lux your screen light will automatically be adjusted to mirror the look of your current environment.  For instance, when indoors at night, f.lux will create a warm, softer light.  If outside, during the day, your screen will automatically brighten for easier reading.  Try it out. Your eyes will thank you.



We’re all too familiar with the ‘Password Conundrum’ – having one or two passwords makes them easy to remember, but leaves us more vulnerable to hackers.  Having multiple and diverse passwords makes it harder to be hacked, but a nightmare to remember.


LastPass is basically an on-line encrypted vault for all your passwords.  You have only one master password which securely accesses all your passwords. LastPass can also autofill your password for the site you wish to access.  LastPass is Cloud-based and not even LastPass servers have access to your master password. Pretty cool!


What new, must-have apps are you using? I’m always looking for ways to save time and increase productivity.


Have you tried “Batching?” It’s not an app, but it is another great way increase efficiency.


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