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What One Word Defines Your 2018 Goals?


Undoubtedly, you’ve heard of the KISS principle – ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’. The principle is based upon the idea that things work best when kept simple and uncomplicated. The ‘one word’ concept falls right in line with that. I want you to focus on a single word. What one word defines your 2018 goals?


Boiling your goals for the year down to one word brings a simplicity to the process. It offers clarity. One word is easy to remember and that one word can act as your 2018 mantra. If you sense you’re off course, repeat the mantra and bring yourself back on track.


Tips for Determining What One Word Defines Your 2018 Goals:


  • Write down your 2018 goals – professional and personal – across a page.


  • Brainstorm words. Grab a thesaurus if necessary. Don’t overthink this step. Jot down words that come to mind related to career, health, travel, romance, etc. Examples: Freedom, Money, Aspire, Challenge, Balance, Strength, Grow


  • Take that list and write each word under every goal to which it applies.


  • Circle the words which appear more than once. For instance – Strength may be written under the goal of Fitness, Finances, Professional Development and Personal Relationship.


  • Determine which word appears the most.


There you have it – your one word! While the word may not relate to every goal, the idea is to find the word which has the greatest overlap.


By keeping that word in focus, with each major step and decision throughout the year, you will discover it will affect change in each related goal. Nice and simple!


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