Michael Sterling
The Surprising Reason You’re Squashing Your Potential

  You may know the adage – “What Consumes Your Mind Controls Your Life.” For many, life is consumed by work, family, and ‘life’s chores’ – the house maintenance, car maintenance, and even our personal maintenance. Much of our day-to-day life is made up of mindless activities. Sure they are necessary, but are they squashing […]

Michael Sterling
Ready? Set? No! (A CPA M&A Plan)

  Are You Procrastinating Your Retirement?   You know who you are.  A partner or sole owner of a small or mid-sized accounting firm with a succession plan that’s somewhere between ‘Optimistic’ and ‘Nonexistent’.   You know the facts.  Much has been written about Public Accounting being in a state of transition. Two-thirds of partners […]

Michael Sterling
The 6 Steps to Saying NO – and Not Getting Fired!

  Will saying “no” cripple your career? No!  In fact, saying “no” can help you succeed.   Seriously!   This is a tough concept for many to grasp. As a professional career coach for CPAs, I work on this issue a lot. However, you don’t need to be a public accountant to benefit from learning how […]

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