Michael Sterling
Job Seekers: What Will Your Background Check Reveal?

  If you’re in the market for a new job, especially one which handles money or sensitive information, you can expect a background check. What will your background check reveal?   Security threats are very real today and so is the liability for businesses. Whether you’re dealing with sensitive electronic data or not, there’s a […]

Michael Sterling
5 Ways to Tackle a Tough Conversation

  It doesn’t matter where you are in an organization – head honcho or entry level – everyone finds themselves face-to-face with sharing troubling news or asking difficult questions. Whether you need to tell your client a project is delayed; update your boss regarding a problem; ask for a pay raise or coach an underperforming […]

Michael Sterling
Ironclad Ways to Polish Your Professional Mojo

  Have you checked your mojo lately? Vocabulary.com defines Mojo as something that makes you popular, persuasive and successful. However, it’s not a permanent thing. Our mojo can go missing – or simply be a little tired or tarnished. So, it’s good to check it regularly and, if necessary, polish your professional mojo.   8 Ways […]

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