Michael Sterling
Mad or Glad? Conveying Emotions in Email

Remember verbal communication? Once upon a time, conversations were held in person and phones were used for talking and not texting. Alright, I admit I text and email as much as anyone. It’s how things get done in our fast-paced world. It’s also how messages are easily misunderstood. Ever wonder what your boss, client or […]

Michael Sterling
Appealing to the Right and Left (And I’m Not Talking Politics)

  Your career can often rest on how well you communicate. The art of persuasion plays a primary role at work and in life. To make what you say impactful and memorable, you must speak to your listener’s right and left brain.   How can you craft a great presentation like those fascinating experts on […]

Michael Sterling
Why You Need a Catchphrase To Boost Your Career

Mastering a TED-like Talk   At some point in your career, you’ll likely be called upon to make a presentation to potential customers, superiors and/or colleagues. Your ability to be dynamic and persuade others could hinge on a catchphrase.   I’ve been viewing some fascinating videos on TED.com, scanning them for tips on how to […]

Scour Your Brain For An Inspiring Presentation

Presentation Secrets from TED Talks   If you’re a fan of TED.com, you probably remember the first time you viewed one of the company’s free 18-minute online presentations. TED Talks are truly inspiring. If you’re not yet familiar with them, you’ll find that their speakers provide jaw-dropping stories you’ll be talking about for weeks.   TED’s […]

Michael Sterling
When You Speak, Are You Being Heard?

  Our daily conversations have a remarkable impact on our careers. When you speak, are you being heard? Maybe not. I’m learning more about the fine art of leadership conversations in Judith E. Glaser’s book, Conversational Intelligence: How Great Leaders Build Trust & Get Extraordinary Results.   As leaders, the more we become aware of […]

Why You Want to Achieve ‘Level 3 Conversations’

3 Levels of Conversations for Leaders   Leaders commonly rely on two types of conversations: telling and selling.   When telling, they try to clearly specify what employees need to do – Level 1 conversation. When selling, they try to persuade them with reasons for doing it – Level 2 conversation. Unfortunately, some leaders resort […]

Michael Sterling
Are You a Leader? Maybe Not – Here’s Why

Leadership Conversational Style What’s your leadership conversational style? I’m learning more about the fine art of leadership conversations in Judith E. Glaser’s book, Conversational Intelligence: How Great Leaders Build Trust & Get Extraordinary Results.  I previously wrote about how being a strong conversationalist builds credibility in my article, “What’s Your Conversational IQ?” In that article, I […]

Michael Sterling
What’s Your Conversational IQ?

Is there such a thing as conversational intelligence? And how important is conversational IQ? It could be that some leaders are naturally more adept at the art of conversation. It’s certainly true that we all could improve our ability to engage and influence others through conversations.   “Human beings are the most highly social species […]

Michael Sterling
The Job Hunter’s Guide to Communication: Dos & Don’ts

  Phone. Email. Text. Social Media. The menu of communication choices today is vast. Using the wrong communication can and will get you ousted from a job opportunity. How do you choose the right channel for each stage of a job search? Follow simple communication protocol.   The Job Hunter’s Guide to Communication   First […]

Michael Sterling
Have You Noticed? Your Leadership May Be Suffering.

  Noticing: An Elusive Leadership Skill. An Accountant’s Guide to Removing Blinders.    “Leaders often fail to notice when they are obsessed by other issues, when they are motivated to not notice, and when there are other people in their environment working hard to keep them from noticing.” ~ Harvard Business School Professor Max Bazerman, “The […]

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