Michael Sterling
When You’re the Underdog for a Job – Do These Five Things

Job hunting can be daunting enough, but when you’re not the strongest candidate – and you know it – it can be down right terrifying.   There can be many reasons for being the Underdog. You may be early in your career with limited experience, or on the other end of the career spectrum and […]

Michael Sterling
The Shocking Truth: Being Lazy Can Get You Hired!

  When I say “lazy”, I don’t mean a do-nothing. No firm wants dead-weight, a team member who sits around and accomplishes nothing.   I mean a lazy-learner. In this sense, lazy is actually a compliment. You see, lazy-learners look for the fastest, easiest way to do something.  They’re life-hackers. Lazy-learners simplify, stream-line and don’t […]

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