Michael Sterling
Top Podcast Picks

  I’m always interested in suggestions on professional and personal development videos to watch. If you’re on the hunt for something to tune into while chilling out, here are some top podcast picks from a few of us here at SterlingFreeman.   The Team’s Top ‘Tune Ins’   Why You Will Fail to Have a […]

Michael Sterling
Our Team’s Top Tune-Ins: TED Talks and More

  Truth is: I’m a bit of an internet junkie. I enjoy relaxing at the end of the day by submerging myself into YouTube. I find lots of great material there from old Seinfeld favorites to silly memes and inspirational TEDTalks. Some of the videos I gravitate to most are personal and professional development topics. […]

Michael Sterling
Appealing to the Right and Left (And I’m Not Talking Politics)

  Your career can often rest on how well you communicate. The art of persuasion plays a primary role at work and in life. To make what you say impactful and memorable, you must speak to your listener’s right and left brain.   How can you craft a great presentation like those fascinating experts on […]

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