Michael Sterling
Resume Fraud – Are You Guilty?

  Have you ever left an employer off your resume? Or have you stretched the number of years or areas of responsibility at a past job? What might seem like a simple bending of the truth is actually fraud. Resume fraud is not only unethical – it’s often illegal and can be punishable by law.   […]

Michael Sterling
Why I Object to Objectives

  For the record, I object to objectives on resumes. When writing a resume – don’t include an objective statement – ever!   I realize there are different viewpoints on this issue. Based on years of experience as a career coach, I have many reasons to scrap an objective statement.   Top 5 Reasons I […]

Michael Sterling
How to Co-Lead an Interview: Three Types of Questions You Must Ask!

  Fun Fact: An interview is less about you and more about the questions you ask the interviewer!   WHAT???   Think about it. If your resume has done its job (see: “Your Resume Has ONE Job: Do it Right!“), the interviewer has an excellent snapshot of your experience. The interview is your opportunity to […]

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