Michael Sterling
Office Outcast? 7 Reasons You’re Not Likable.

  You may be the smartest person in the room, but your likeability has a huge impact on your value in the workplace. If you’re the office outcast, your chances for success are diminished. Career ladders are climbed by those who have experience and knowledge as well as a high likeability factor.   Many believe […]

Michael Sterling
Ironclad Ways to Polish Your Professional Mojo

  Have you checked your mojo lately? Vocabulary.com defines Mojo as something that makes you popular, persuasive and successful. However, it’s not a permanent thing. Our mojo can go missing – or simply be a little tired or tarnished. So, it’s good to check it regularly and, if necessary, polish your professional mojo.   8 Ways […]

Michael Sterling
How’s Your Career Cred? A 5-Step Reputation Checklist

  Whether you’re early in your career or high on the ladder, your reputation is the foundation of your personal brand. So, let’s get straight to the point – how’s your ‘Career Cred?’ Like ‘Street Cred’, Career Cred is how other professionals view you – your popularity and acceptance by your professional peers. In short […]

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