Michael Sterling
The Shocking Truth: Being Lazy Can Get You Hired!

  When I say “lazy”, I don’t mean a do-nothing. No firm wants dead-weight, a team member who sits around and accomplishes nothing.   I mean a lazy-learner. In this sense, lazy is actually a compliment. You see, lazy-learners look for the fastest, easiest way to do something.  They’re life-hackers. Lazy-learners simplify, stream-line and don’t […]

Michael Sterling
Are You Spreading A Virus At Work?

  No matter what business you’re in, working long hours creates a domino effect. I recently wrote about how over-working can harm you in “Are You Killing Yourself (And Your Productivity) With Long Hours.” However, work overload often also translates into rudeness. And, rudeness has its own impact on business.   For accountants, ‘busy season’ […]

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