Michael Sterling
Psst: You Need Executive Presence – Here’s Why

What Defines Executive Presence?   Has this ever happened in your firm?   Someone is promoted to a leadership position. This person successfully competed against other qualified candidates, some of whom you know are just as experienced and smart. You ask yourself, “Why him?” … or, “Why her?”   Soon you hear that it was […]

Michael Sterling
11 Funny Accountant Valentine’s Pick-Up Lines

Some Favorite Valentine Humor. Happy Valentine’s Day!   11 Funny Accountant Valentine’s Pick-Up Lines    Might I say, you have a lovely pair of W-2s. Let’s fill out a 10-40. You’re a 10 and I’m a 40. I’m an Accountant – I can do it without losing my balance. Your hot assets are making me […]

Michael Sterling
The Real Reason You’re Not Getting the Job

  I don’t know how else to say it, but the real reason you’re not getting the job could be – you’re not likable. My intention is not to offend, but to educate.   I’m awe-stuck when a professional on a job hunt contacts me regarding a position and goes out of their way to […]

Michael Sterling
7 Traits of Highly Successful Public Accountants

  Every individual has potential. Their own set of skills and abilities. However, not every person reaches their potential. Truly successful people do things a little differently. It’s what sets them apart from the pack.   I work exclusively with public accountants – as a coach and recruiter. Over the years, I’ve seen that the […]

Michael Sterling
Move Your Career Forward in 2017: A Step-by-Step Guide

  The start of a new year always reminds me of the saying, “Wherever you go, there you are.” We all talk about a fresh start for the new year. In reality, we carry our baggage with us. What has really changed? Nothing, unless we choose to make changes.   As New Year Resolutions go, […]

Michael Sterling
One More Thing…. (Ways to Get Your Job Application Noticed)

  I’ll just say it. I don’t wait well. Do you? I admit that I push the elevator button more than once. I watch the clock in the doctor’s waiting room. Even the Express Lane at the grocery store isn’t fast enough. I usually head for the self check-out (unless there’s a line!).   Waiting […]

Michael Sterling
Are You a Modern-Day Macbeth? 6 Questions to Assess Your Ambition

  Most of us read Macbeth in high school. Macbeth’s ambition and corruption of power led to his tragic end. Macbeth, while fictional, serves as a cautionary lesson in human nature. Yet, we find real-life Macbeths among us. Are you a modern-day Macbeth? You may want to assess your ambition level.   Healthy vs. Unhealthy […]

Scour Your Brain For An Inspiring Presentation

Presentation Secrets from TED Talks   If you’re a fan of TED.com, you probably remember the first time you viewed one of the company’s free 18-minute online presentations. TED Talks are truly inspiring. If you’re not yet familiar with them, you’ll find that their speakers provide jaw-dropping stories you’ll be talking about for weeks.   TED’s […]

Michael Sterling
What’s Your Conversational IQ?

Is there such a thing as conversational intelligence? And how important is conversational IQ? It could be that some leaders are naturally more adept at the art of conversation. It’s certainly true that we all could improve our ability to engage and influence others through conversations.   “Human beings are the most highly social species […]

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