Michael Sterling
Share What You Know with Who You Know (Here’s Why)

  Only you know what you know. That knowledge is a result of hard work, experience and even some hard life lessons. Knowledge is often held tightly – out of fear of giving someone else the upper hand. However, it’s important to share what you know with who you know.   Sharing your thoughts and […]

Michael Sterling
Mad or Glad? Conveying Emotions in Email

Remember verbal communication? Once upon a time, conversations were held in person and phones were used for talking and not texting. Alright, I admit I text and email as much as anyone. It’s how things get done in our fast-paced world. It’s also how messages are easily misunderstood. Ever wonder what your boss, client or […]

Michael Sterling
5 Ways to Tackle a Tough Conversation

  It doesn’t matter where you are in an organization – head honcho or entry level – everyone finds themselves face-to-face with sharing troubling news or asking difficult questions. Whether you need to tell your client a project is delayed; update your boss regarding a problem; ask for a pay raise or coach an underperforming […]

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