Michael Sterling
Are You Where You Want To Be In January?

  This question applies to every professional. However, I am specifically speaking to Public Accountants. It’s peak hiring season for CPA firms. Are you where you want to be in January?   Tax time is approaching and CPA firms are assessing their staffing needs. If you’re in public accounting, is where you are – where […]

Michael Sterling
The Big Mistake Keeping You from that Flex-Time Job

  Are you searching for a flex-time job? Great news – they do exist! Many employers are seeing the benefits of offering flex-time. Great talent is tough to find. When a strong applicant is identified, employers are increasingly more open to accommodating flex-time needs.   The reality is –  life is full of special circumstances. […]

Michael Sterling
Life Hack: Use Your Body Clock for Peak Productivity

  Are you a morning person or a night owl? The “I Don’t Do Mornings” coffee mug may be fun, but actually knowing when you are at your best is key to success. In fact, scientists are learning more and more about how we each much use our body clock for peak productivity.   Last […]

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