Michael Sterling
Office Outcast? 7 Reasons You’re Not Likable.

  You may be the smartest person in the room, but your likeability has a huge impact on your value in the workplace. If you’re the office outcast, your chances for success are diminished. Career ladders are climbed by those who have experience and knowledge as well as a high likeability factor.   Many believe […]

Michael Sterling
First Day Fails – Don’t Do These

  I’ve heard some pretty amusing first day of work stories. But really, messing up on the first day of a new job is not a laughing matter. It might seem strange to think, after all the effort involved in successfully obtaining an offer of employment, that someone would make a first-day faux pas. However, […]

Michael Sterling
Appealing to the Right and Left (And I’m Not Talking Politics)

  Your career can often rest on how well you communicate. The art of persuasion plays a primary role at work and in life. To make what you say impactful and memorable, you must speak to your listener’s right and left brain.   How can you craft a great presentation like those fascinating experts on […]

Michael Sterling
Why You Need a Catchphrase To Boost Your Career

Mastering a TED-like Talk   At some point in your career, you’ll likely be called upon to make a presentation to potential customers, superiors and/or colleagues. Your ability to be dynamic and persuade others could hinge on a catchphrase.   I’ve been viewing some fascinating videos on TED.com, scanning them for tips on how to […]

Scour Your Brain For An Inspiring Presentation

Presentation Secrets from TED Talks   If you’re a fan of TED.com, you probably remember the first time you viewed one of the company’s free 18-minute online presentations. TED Talks are truly inspiring. If you’re not yet familiar with them, you’ll find that their speakers provide jaw-dropping stories you’ll be talking about for weeks.   TED’s […]

Michael Sterling
The Shocking Truth: Being Lazy Can Get You Hired!

  When I say “lazy”, I don’t mean a do-nothing. No firm wants dead-weight, a team member who sits around and accomplishes nothing.   I mean a lazy-learner. In this sense, lazy is actually a compliment. You see, lazy-learners look for the fastest, easiest way to do something.  They’re life-hackers. Lazy-learners simplify, stream-line and don’t […]

Michael Sterling
The 6 Steps to Saying NO – and Not Getting Fired!

  Will saying “no” cripple your career? No!  In fact, saying “no” can help you succeed.   Seriously!   This is a tough concept for many to grasp. As a professional career coach for CPAs, I work on this issue a lot. However, you don’t need to be a public accountant to benefit from learning how […]

Michael Sterling
Are You Spreading A Virus At Work?

  No matter what business you’re in, working long hours creates a domino effect. I recently wrote about how over-working can harm you in “Are You Killing Yourself (And Your Productivity) With Long Hours.” However, work overload often also translates into rudeness. And, rudeness has its own impact on business.   For accountants, ‘busy season’ […]

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